Putting the Band in Bandette

Putting the Band in Bandette

by JasonBryan / Sep 28, 2016 / 0 comments
Friday, 26 August 2016

Bandette puts the (wrist)band in band for their album release party. Their self-titled debut album was released digitally and as a USB slap bracelet. That’s right a band named Bandette released their album digitally on a USB drive that was also a wristband. Its like the English language has finally been validated.

To introduce this rock and roll innovation of both sound and album medium the four piece Southern California rockers performed at the Los Angeles landmark Molly Malone’s, a small pub with a great venue attached that has been the launching board for many a successful artist. In true album release show fashion, or at least what should be, their set was the same as the tracks in order on the album, and then added a few extra songs.

Fronted by Christina Naza, Bandette has the perfect blend of Indie rock and pop. Its pop enough to hook you, and the music is driving enough to let you know its rock and roll. Naza’s vocals have a unique and captivating quality, both inviting and haunting, it’s like the voice of an angel that’s been taking her cut of the evaporating whiskey from the barrel, but that could just be from the whiskey she sips between songs on stage. Colin Simson lays down the beat on the drums and various other percussion elements. Bennett Kolasinski plays a very animated guitar while JOS Erhlichmann drives the entire ensemble forward on his bass. No member is safe from singing harmony, and nearly every track has a level of back up vocals that put the pop in Indie Pop.

There is something instantly familiar and so easy to bop your head to with all of Bandette’s music, but each song still has its own unique flavor making it stand out and appeal on different levels to various tastes. Everyone in attendance is drawn to their chemistry on stage and the sound it generates. My favorite part of their set was as they wrapped up their song Burn they blended it right into Blondie’s Heart of Glass, and as anyone who reads my articles knows I love a good cover. Now if only I could plug my headset right into this slap bracelet.

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