Secret Garden Party Playlist

Secret Garden Party Playlist

by jessicajolly / Jul 16, 2015 / 1 comments
Thursday, 16 July 2015

Secret Garden Party is more known for it’s interactive events than it’s musical lineup. But that’s a pity. Because even though they may not host any multi-platinum artists on their stages, they have quite a few treasures gracing the festival this year.

You looked at the artist list and thought “Oh no! I’ve been listening to ‘Shake It Off’ on repeat for the past 9 months, I have no idea who any of these acts are!” Calm down and pause the Taylor Swift loop. We’ve made a Spotify list of every SGP artist that’s on Spotify, so you can acquaint yourself with the unique menu of entertainment.

Here’s a run down of who to see and what to expect:


One of the major John Peel highlights from Glastonbury this year. Imagine if Frank Black was chopped up into 4 hot Spanish girls and started doing surf music. It’s fucking awesome.

The Cat Empire

Fabulous Australian ska / jazz outfit that’s been around since the last century. If you think you can get through this set without shaking your bootie, you are wrong. We’ll take bets though.

Kate Tempest

This fast-lipped London poet raps with rare beauty and innovation. She takes coffee shop spoken word performance, removes the pretence, and adds in sick beats. We’re obsessed with her recordings and can’t wait to see how she delivers live.


This 60s psychedelic throwback band feels more Beach Boys than Beetles, which will sound just wonderful while soaking up the few rays of sun Britain offers in it’s 6 week summer. Will the rich orchestration of their debut album be heard on the Secret Garden stages? We hope so!


We love punk rock. There’s not a lot of it in the SGP lineup, but these punky pretty-boys were handpicked based on the explosive live shows they’ve been carpet-bombing all over London. The two thumping tracks the band put on the internet have record labels scrambling. See them while they’re still unsigned for future bragging rights, and for one of the very few chances you’ll have to mosh at the Secret Garden Party.

Beans on Toast

A regular on the UK festival circuit, he’ll fit in well with SGP due to his sharp wit and the fact that one of his songs is an acronym of a quite popular drug.

Swing & Jazz

Prepare for lots of brass. The theme this year is “Childish Things”, and the festival is expressing that with a heavy dose of big band music. The kind that makes you feel like a little kid in an animated French film. After putting together the 6 hour playlist, I can still hear horns ringing in my ears. So dust off your old swing dance outfits from the 90s and be ready to party like it’s 1949.

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